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Sacred Icons 

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Religious icons are images created in the circle of Byzantine culture, depicting the figures of saints, scenes from their lives, biblical or liturgical-symbolic scenes, characteristic of the Christian Eastern Churches. We offer sacred icons in various sizes and vibrant, rich colors that will look beautiful and dignified in any interior.


  • Holy Family Icons

    The Holy Family icons are symbols of the family community as a church. Each of the characters plays a special role. Josef is a security guard and father undertaking the effort of raising a child. Mary is the Mother of the King of the Universes. Christ was shown in the hands of Mary and Joseph. In relation to our time, couples should consider the Word of God and introduce it into everyday life. The icon of the Holy Family reveals to its recipients the importance of uniting marriage with Christ, without which holiness cannot be achieved.

  • Icons of the Archangels

    Icons of the Archangels are a great way to make a successful gift for every Christian. We especially recommend hand-gilded Archangel icons, made with a special technique of applying the image directly to a wooden board, which determines their high aesthetic value and original appearance. Icons are works of art depicting images of three Archangels: Gabriel, i.e. a symbol of the annunciation, mercy and revelation, Rafael - the patron of wanderers, the sick, emigrants and doctors, and Michael, whom the faithful summon during the prayer for victory against the forces of evil.

  • Holy and Blessed Icons

    Holy and Blesses Icons are the perfect gift idea - especially on religious occasions, such as Baptisms, Holy Communions, and the Sacrament of Confirmation or Wedding. Every Christian has a patron or saint to whom he most often prays or feels a special bond with him.

  • Icons Holy Ghost

    The Icon with the Holy Ghost are icons showing the most important religious scenes with the participation of the Holy Spirit. Hand-finished, beautiful and colorful, made on an alder board, gold-plated by hand. The Christmas icon is made with a unique technology of applying the image to wood. All religious icons have a certificate confirming their authenticity.

  • Icons of Jesus Christ

    Icons of Jesus Christ are one of the most popular motifs placed on religious icons, being a perfect gift for Christians on the occasion of celebrations such as the Wedding or First Holy Communion. Icons are a beautiful complement to the arrangement in Christian homes, as well as temples, parish halls and other places of prayer.

  • Icons of Our Lady

    We present a wide selection of icons of Our Lady, made with attention to detail, from high quality materials. The icon of the Mother of God is offered in various sizes and is intended to be placed on a shelf or hung on the wall. Among the icons, we especially recommend, among others, depicting Our Lady of Czuła, Częstochowska, Perpetual Help or Painful, and a replica of the Miraculous Picture of Our Lady.

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Showing 1 - 45 of 190 items
Showing 1 - 45 of 190 items