Lectors and altar server

Lectors and altar server 

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The altar boy and lector are people who serve at the altar: bells, bells and gongs, serve bread and wine, support the paten during holy communion, and therefore have their own dress. In some parishes it is a surplice and a cape, while in others it is a cassock. The cassock consists of an altar cassock, a surplice and a cape.


  • Cinctures

    Cintures is a belt or thick rope with tassels at both ends, used by clergy and ministers in Christian churches as part of a liturgical dress. We distinguish lectoral cintures and priesthood cintures. Cintures for albs occurs in four basic colors, referring to its color during the liturgical period.

  • Altar Server Alb

    The altar server alb and alb of a minister is a white robe worn by teachers and altar boys in the Catholic Church. There are 3 basic types of liturgical alb: alb with stand-up collar, alb with hood and alb with turtleneck. Altar server robes are usually made of stretch or georgette.
    All Albs have slits for the pockets on the sides. Albs are available in typical sizes according to height.

  • Server surplice

    Altar server surplice always found in the classic white color. According to Christian tradition, this type of dress is intended for altar servers, and what is more, like the priest's clothing during the celebration of the Mass, they are to convey to believers that the assembly in the church is not an ordinary meeting, but a community of believers in Jesus Christ. In this respect, the surplice for the altar boy is of special importance, perfectly matching the sublime atmosphere prevailing during the Eucharist. Our store offers white surgeries for a boy with a Roman cut available in various sizes.

  • Altar Server Cassak

    We offer altar server cassocks in various sizes. Each mini-cassock is made of high quality durable, breathable and non-gaining materials, which affects their comfortable use even on hot days. We offer altar boy cassocks with or without sleeves and a full range of colors.

  • Altar Shoulder Capes

    The altar shoulder capes is finished with trimming in all liturgical colors, i.e. white, green, red, purple, light blue, gold, thanks to which they will fit every holiday in the church year. The mini-capes available in our store were made of high-quality, durable, non-gaining materials and with attention to every detail. Products in universal sizes, all zippered under the neck.

  • Altar Server Skirts

    The altar server skirt is a skirt on an elastic band. The minister dress is available in all liturgical colors. Skirt is made of stretch material. It is a material that does not crease and is practical. The mini-dress together with the cape and surplus form a complete mini-dress.

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items