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All stoles were sewn from the highest quality, durable and solid fabrics, with attention to every detail. We provide hand-embroidered priest's stoles suitable for all feasts in the liturgical year. The priest's stole is also established when performing various forms of ministry, e.g. during confession and giving Holy Communion. We offer embroidered priest stoles and sewn with patterns related to religious symbolism.


  • Deacon stole

    A stole for a deacon is a kind of stole intended for a priest with the first degree of ordination to the official priesthood. The deacon may celebrate: the sacraments of baptism, marriage and Holy Communion, celebrate the funeral, bless the faithful, consecrate religious objects and preach.

  • Marian stole

    Marian stole is a stole presenting images of the Mother of God. The most common stoles are the one with the Immaculate Mother of God, Our Lady of Częstochowa, Our Lady of Ostrobramska, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes. Regardless of the type of stole and the tasteful embroidery presented in the form of a Marian motif, in each case it is a stole made with great care, using the best quality materials.

  • Roman stole

    The Roman stole is decorated with spectacular embroidery. Otherwise, called baroque stole. This is one of the most popular models of liturgical stole used by priests during the celebration of Holy Mass.

  • Stoles with Saints

    The stole with saints and blessed are embroidered stoles showing figures important for the Catholic Church. Stole made of high quality smooth fabric, decorated with rich embroidery.

  • Wedding stoles
    A wedding stole is a stole used in a Catholic Church when administering the sacrament of Marriage. It is most often found in white and ecru. Its length is slightly larger so that the priest can tie his hands freely

  • Christmas stoles

    Christmas stole is a type of embroidered stole used in the Catholic Church during the feast of the Nativity. Christmas tables depict the image of the Holy Family. Made with great care and attention to the smallest details the figure of Saint. Families. Hand-embroidered stole will certainly enrich the festivities of the Christmas period in your Temple.

  • Easter stoles

    The Easter stole is embroidered with the image of the Risen Christ or the Lamb of God. The Easter stole with its symbolism refers to one of the most important holidays in the Catholic Church, i.e. the Resurrection of Christ, which is the fundamental truth of our faith

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Showing 1 - 45 of 204 items