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Hand-embroidered chasubles are liturgical vestments embroidered and richly decorated, in which the priest celebrates Holy Mass. Older chasubles have the form of a rectangle inserted through the head, or resemble a violin. Contemporary chasubles generally have a cape-like shape, and are often less decorated. They are made in all liturgical colors.


  • Roman Chasubles

    Embroidered Roman chasubles from our offer are available in many liturgical colors (this applies to virtually all models of Roman chasubles) with accessories in the form of a stole, manipulator, dormitory and chalice veil. The excellent quality of the material used for their production and the precision of finishing make this type of garment stand out with its extremely effective appearance and durability. This is one of the most popular models of liturgical chasubles, used by priests during the celebration of the Holy Mass.

  • Marian Chasubles

    Our store is complemented by a rich collection of chasubles with a Marian motif. Marian chasubles present the image of the Mother of God. They are mainly hand-embroidered Marian chasubles in Gothic and semi-Gothic styles, but you can also find here individual models of monastic or Roman chasubles. Regardless of the type of chasuble and tasteful embroidery presented in the form of a Marian motif, in each case it is a chasuble made with great care, using the best quality materials. All models are available with a table.

  • Chasubles with Saints

    Hand-embroidered chasubles with saints and blessed are embroidered chasubles showing important figures for the Catholic Church. Each copy is equipped with effective embroidery depicting the image of a holy figure. Among the numerous models of chasubles with the figures of Saints, you can find Marian chasubles of the "Mother of God Immaculate" or "Saint. Teresa ", chasubles with figures of Saints, i.e." John Paul II "or" Saint. Josef ", as well as chasubles referring to the symbolism of Christmas or Easter. All chasubles are offered in a set with a table, in standard sizes.

  • Wedding chasuble

    A wedding chasuble is an embroidered chasuble used in the Catholic Church when administering the Sacrament of Marriage. It is most often found in white and ecru.

  • Christmas chasubles

    An embroidered Christmas chasuble is a type of liturgical chasuble used in the Catholic Church during the feast of the Nativity. Christmas's chasubles depict the image of the Holy Family. They are made with great care and attention to the smallest details of the figure of Saint. Families. Hand-embroidered chasubles will certainly enrich the festivities of the Christmas period in your Temple.

  • Easter chasubles

    We present you an offer for embroidered Easter chasubles. Hand-embroidered chasubles are made of the highest quality materials. The material is breathable, does not crease and is easy to keep clean. Easter chasubles refer in their symbolism to the Resurrection, one of the most important holidays in the Catholic church. Easter chasubles are usually made of golden, white or ecru material.

  • Linen chasuble

    Linen chasubles are chasubles made of linen. Embroidered linen chasubles are a great replacement for the summer, because they absorb moisture and, while drying, receive heat from the body - ensure coolness and a pleasant feeling.
    Flax is extremely breathable - it removes carbon dioxide from the skin and brings fresh air to the body. It never electrifies, it has anti-static properties.

  • Semi Gothic Chasubles
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Showing 1 - 45 of 362 items