Roman Chasubles
Roman chasuble IHS - gold (28) View larger

Roman chasuble IHS - gold (28)

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Roman chasuble IHS - gold (28)

Roman style fiddleback Chasuble with a Maniple, Burse and chalice veil.

Manufactured from a high quality Brocade fabric.

The used material is airy, crease and stain resistant. It is applicable for standard washing and ironing, which makes it practical even in a frequent use.

In the middle there is a quality liturgical embroidery on a velvet cross made with a golden metallic thread. This gives an appropriate liturgical character to the garment.

Maniple, Burse and chalice veil are in the set with the chasuble.

The chasuble is available in various liturgical colours.

The size can be adjusted to individual needs.

The lining is made as a standard.