Canopy 130 cm x 160 cm- foldable (8)

$ 1,843

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Canopy 130 cm x 160 cm- foldable (8)

Canopy made of high quality satin fabric, finished with gold fringes.

Embroidered IHS symbols on the sides, Eucharistic chalice,

Lamb of God and pelican; all richly decorated with embroidered motifs of grapes and ears of corn.

From the inside in the "sky" a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

The canopy is available without stiffening (prepared tunnels for stiffening).

Canopy sold without spars.

Polished satin fabric: 100% PE, stain resistant.

Available Size: 130 cm x 160 cm / 51.18 Inches x 62.99 Inches