Canopy 140 cm x 160 cm- foldable (10)

$ 1,855

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Canopy 140 cm x 160 cm- foldable (10)

Richly decorated with the highest quality machine embroidery.

Each side of the canopy is decorated with repetitive floristic motifs and a different liturgical motif on each side: Chalice, IHS, Lamb, Heart of Jesus.

The canopy roof is also decorated with machine embroidery - a golden symbol of the Holy Spirit.

The material - the highest quality polyester fabric - durable, resistant to weather conditions and extremely easy to care for and clean.

Each side of the canopy has additional internal tunnels, enabling the optional installation of stiffeners along each side.

Thanks to these facilities, the canopy does not "fall" inwards when worn. 

The top side of the canopy roof has a sewn in layer of waterproof plastic to protect against rain. 

Standard dimensions: 140 cm x 160 cm / 55.11 Inches x 62.99 Inches